Nolans latest Sci-fi film Inception

Nolans latest Sci-fi film Inception (2010) is about dreams and our reality, it stars Leonardo Dicaprio playing the main character of (Cobb) who goes into mens dreams and steals their ideas. Even though he does this all the time, he is hired for a very different task of infiltrating someones mind in order to install an idea that would make the person believe it which hasnít been done. In return for him to do this he gets the opportunity to end the exile from his home and family. Leonardo Dicaprio (Cobb) must form a team in order for himself to overcome this endeavor. The star stunning cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( playing his longtime associate), Tom Hardy (playing Eames a master of deception),and Ellen Page ( a brilliant young architect who is the best at creating spaces).

The original budget of this film was $100 million dollars and outstandingly it made over $200 million dollars. Christopher Nolan is considered to be one of the best directors/writers of this generation. Mr.Nolan definitely delivered with Inception. He had a cast of some of the biggest names in Hollywood and it took him a staggering 10 years to create the script. According to, he began writing the script after his other big box office hit Memento (2000). Nolan stated in the interview, that it took him so long to finalize the script because he was trying connect emotionally with the central character in a way that will make it a more emotional story.

Dicaprio, Hardy, Page, and Levitt all show some of their best skills as actors. The cast fits together very well. If another group of actors were casted for the roles, I do not believe that this film would have had the same turn out as it did . The way the actors presented themselves as the characters felt as if I was in the film with them and I could relate to them and their problems. Another key aspect from the film, was the cinematography and how everything was displayed to the audience. It felt as you were on a IMAX ride going through the different chapters of the story. The added effects of the musical composition that was directed by composer Hans Zimmer gave a rush that felt like no other movie experience.

Inceptions core concept was centralized on the character of Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio, his character never wants to stay in reality. He want to stay in his dreams with his wife and children. His character plays a purpose. It was to show us that we canít live in our dreams because we must face our reality of whats going on in the present day. What is very unique about the movie is that there has never been a concept of the film like this before.

The general consensus on the film was more positive views then negative ones. I personal thought it was one of the best movies of the past decade, it really got looked over by many people who still have not seen the movie. If you ask someone if they have seen the new Avengers movie they would say of course. Even if we donít know if there will be a sequel or not, it seems though that Christopher Nolan will make another box office hit.

Nolans creative vision and original story telling is what makes Inception one of the best movies of this time. Even though he made The Dark Knight Series which was also another masterpiece, Inception is very different, mysterious and suspenseful at the same time. Even today, there are movies that are trying to bite off the ideas that were implemented into Inception. A specific example is the new Dr.Strange movie coming out later this fall. It uses the concepts of the movie that includes the buildings and the structures that were displayed during Inception. No matter what, Inception is by far one of the best movies of this generation I certainly believe there will never be another movie quite like it, but we will see what the future holds with Mr.Nolan.