Director Chris Columbus has become one of my favorite directors

I chose to do a review on this movie because not only does it represent me as a person, but it also has a lot of hidden messages most wouldn’t notice unless they’ve watched it 100 times like myself. Harry Potter was based on the famous novel written by J.K. Rowling. The director Chris Columbus has become one of my favorite directors of all time, he has directed many of my other favored movies like Mrs.Doubtfire and Home alone, but to me his work with the Harry potter franchise really showed his skills. The main characters, Harry Potter, Ron Wesley, and Hermione Granger form a trio friendship that would go through many tribulations yet last a lifetime. The characters were played by Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. The movie was premiered in 2001 when I was just 6 years old. I don’t recall the first time I ever watched it but I was captivated by the mystery and adventure that this movie had intertwined.

Being born and raised in London, U.K, I naturally formed a bond with these characters, they were all British themselves and got to experience a world of magic and mischief which at 6 years old all children find fascinating. I first want to describe the key symbols of this first movie, like the scar on Harrys forehead. The scare was given to him by Lord Voldemort, one who is to be feared in the Wizardry World, he who shall not be named orphaned Harry by killing his parents. The scar was the cause of Voldemorts magic rebounding and rendering him powerless, and made Harry the most famous person in the Wizarding World. Another symbol would be the sorting hat, all freshmen students must try on this magical hat who then sorts them into houses, Slytherin (which is seen as the house of mean and cruel personalities), Hufflepuff, Raven claw and Gryffindor (for those who are brave and sincere). The hat tells Harry he would flourish in Slytherin implying that he has the traits to become someone like Lord Voldemort who too was in Slytherin. But Harry pleads with the Hat who agrees to let him into Gryffindor where he would find his best friends.

The movie starts with Harry Potter appearing to be a seemingly normal child, who lived with his Aunt and Uncle who were not as loving as one would expect. The first amazing thing that happened at the beginning of the movie was when Harry showed his true powers by talking to a snake which we later on find out in the second movie only those of true natural power can do that (like his nemesis lord Voldemort). The movie then gets interesting, harry has been invited to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. You would automatically think of witchcraft being a negative thing, you almost instantly think of Salem or Hansel and Gretel but this movie shows the beauty of magic what it can do and be used for. However there is of course those who use it for other reasons, to cause harm or for self-benefits.

Harry finds out about who he really is and where he came from and begins to embrace his new life. On the way to Hogwarts he first meets Ron Wesley, they share snacks and exchange jokes. As they do so Hermione enters there carts, at first they don’t really get along but they quickly discover how useless they will be without her intelligence and intellectuality. As he arrives at Hogwarts harry begins to learn about his history, his parents and his destiny. The beinging of the school year starts off with introducing all of the other characters and gives us the background of magic, like its sports which are different form out usual events. In the waizardy world they have quidditch, Harry of course is a natural at the game along with broom stick riding. The movie begins to get interesting after the three begin to investigate what they believe is the return of lord Voldemort (who is looking for the philosophers stone to bring him back to life), landing them into some wild predicaments. Which is where we get introduced to the magical creatures, trolls, three headed dogs, unicorns and centaurs.

The trio decide to take matters into their own hands by passing the three headed dog and other traps put up by the professors which guards the stone, in order to stop Voldemort. In doing so the three create a bond that can never be broken, protecting and sacrificing ones self for the other is something they do throughout the series. After watching this movie I knew it would forever be a classic, I then went on to reading all of the books and viewing all of the movies. I became attached to the characters and the whole idea of what Harry Potter stood for, although the story is fictional I still believe we are all born with a type of destiny that out friends, family and life experiences traffic us to.

Many critics agree with me on the fact that the story will forever live on, even years from now. Currently there is a sequel movie set in the time before Harry Potter called Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Which critics are anticipating to be as pleasing as the original movies, and I agree. Just watching the trailer I’m excited to see what J.K Rowling has written for us and how the director David Yates, who directed the final four movies, has moved her work from page to screen.