Allie was a rich kid who came to New Bern

"The Notebook" is an excellent movie directed by the genius Nick Cassavetes. Released on June 24, 2004, this movie has touched the hearts of so many people around the country. Being based off of the book written by Nicholas Sparks, this movie was sure to be a tear jerker for almost anyone in the audience. With a $29 million budget for the making of this production, the cast had room to be creative, and that they were. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams played the main characters as teenagers/young adults, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton and, might I say, they did an outstanding job portraying the older time period and what life was like at that time. In their older years of life, Noah and Allie were played by Gena Rowlands and James Garner. Noahs best friend, Fin, is played by Kevin Connolly and, in fact, is the reason that Noah met Allie.

At first this film is a sort of confusing as it cuts between two different times in the lives of Noah and Allie. In the older scenes of this couples life, Allie has Alzheimers so Noah makes it an everyday routine to read to her every detail of their love story that is written upon the pages of a notebook. In their younger days, Allie was a rich kid who came to New Bern, North Carolina where her family summers in one of their mansions. Noah is almost exactly the opposite; his mom is mentioned once, very briefly in the book so, knowing this, he grew up only with his father. He works at the local sawmill and has just enough money for him and his father to get by. When Noah met Allie, he was at the carnival with Fin and they approached Allie because Fins girlfriend was a friend of hers. Noah tries to hit on her and it doesnít work out in his favor whatsoever; she laughs at him. He proceeds to follow her up the Ferris wheel, not in a seat, but climbing up to her. I have never known what true love is like until I saw it on Noahs face in this film. It was like you could feel just how Noah felt through what you were seeing on the screen. Later in the movie, Fin sets up a blind date for the two and they end up walking around the town at wee hours of the night and having the most perfect first date. They continued to see each other starting a summer romance, one of passion and so much love. Many nights they got in trouble, even having cops searching for them early one morning. Allies mother once told her, Hes trash. Hes not for you. Allie took offense to this and compared her love for Noah to her mothers love of her father. Allie insists that her mother does not love her father, even tries to make the point that maybe she stays for the money and the fancy life.

At the end of the summer, Allie and Noah get in a huge argument right before she has to leave. They both felt horrible about it. Noah wrote Allie a letter every single day for a year expressing his love for her and how stupid he was to ever argue with her and let her go. However, on the receiving end, Allies mother was taking the letters before Allie knew she was getting them. 14 years went by that the pair had been separated and completely without contact. Allie had gotten engaged to a successful businessman with plenty of money to go around whom her parents very much approved of. Noah had passed the time by joining the army with Fin; after Fin was killed in action, Noah returned home to his father to find out that he had sold their house. Noah had always had the dream of buying an old, run down mansion lakeside that needed too much fixing for one man to do himself and too expensive. But, with the house sold, Noah would finally have enough funds to purchase this not so extravagant home. And so he did. He fixed the house exactly as Allie had envisioned when he would take her there that summer. During the process his father had passed, only making Noah work harder at finishing. After being featured in the newspaper for the amazing craftsmanship of the house, Allie decided to pay Noah a visit and see for herself the masterpiece that Noah had rebuilt for her. The visit lasts several days which leaves Allies fianc頷orried so he travels to that town to see what is going on. When Allie catches wind of him being there, she rushes to the hotel to explain herself. She leaves that hotel without a fianc鮠She returns to Noahs house and they live happily ever after.

Well something close to it. They get married and have children and even grandchildren who will never be recognized by their grandmother. Her Alzheimers is to the point where she doesnít know anyone. The film ends with Noah going to visit Allie one last time after his stroke. They fall asleep together and never awake.

This is such a heartfelt story and it ultimately proves that love does exist, love at first sight can happen, and even through the toughest of times, couples can stay together and make it work.