The Beatles movie Help

What is my favorite movie? I can assure you I will not need any help finding an answer. In my opinion, The Beatles movie Help! Is one of the greatest movies of all time. Not only is it a side-splitting comedy, but it is also an interesting and light-hearted view on the iconic bands life. The movie was directed by the famous Richard Lester. Richard is known for filming many of the Beatles comedic movies and other hits such as How I Won the War and Superman II. The lead characters were the immensely talented members of the world renowned band, the Beatles. The Beatles included Paul Mccartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Richard Starkey .On July 29,1965, my favorite movie, as many other's, was released.

When the Beatles hit America in 1964, their career exploded. Millions of people fell in love with the band's revolutionary sound, lyrics, and hair. Something about the band has enchanted fans for decades, and will likely enchant fans for a lifetime. Richard Lester noticed the band's charm and knew they were capable of so much more.

A year before Help! Was released, Richard Lester directed the first Beatles film a Hard Days Night. A Hard Days Night was a fictionalized documentary about Beatlemania and the Beatles early touring years. A Hard Days night was wildly successful and caused young girls hearts to flutter all over the world. A year later Richard Lester was at it again, creating another film. In an interview, Richard stated, We were determined not to produce an upmarket, color version of A Hard Days Night. We chose instead to do a Pop art fantasy within which we could play around with the state of Britain in 1965 and Harold Wilsons white-hot, modern society. A Hard Days night is exactly as the quote states, a fictional story about the Beatles during an artistic and almost risqué time.

The movies opening shot is quite unexpected. clicking play you might wonder if you put in the right disk. It began with a wide shot of an unusual Indian Temple and is followed by the sound of eerie and incoherent chant. The next shot is of a woman lying on a table as a sacrifice. Over her is a man holding a knife. The man begins to lower the knife to slaughter the young woman. Right before the knife tears into the young lady, another woman wearing an extravagant golden headpiece screams Halt! She is not wearing the sacrificial ring!. Where is the ring? The screen then cuts to hand tapping at a drum set wearing a fat ruby ring. The ring was worn by none other than the famous Ringo Starr (Richard Starky).That is where the story begins and it only gets more exciting from that point. The story continues by the Indian priest and his small army flying to England to retrieve the ring, by whatever means necessary. The rest of the movie consists of hilarious endeavors made by the Indian priest to steal the sacrificial ring, many equally as funny attempts made by the Beatles to remove the ring that was naturally stuck on Ringos finger, and an assortment of hits for the Beatles fifth successful album. The movie is completely illogical and has no real structure, but that is what I love about it. The Budget was fairly average for its time at one million five hundred dollars and it was put to good use. The sets and locations were phenomenal and only added to the movies wonderfully nonsensical tone.The coloring and camera movement brought out the artistic aspect of the movie and also helped break the mold of dull camera shots and bland coloring.

The Beatles did an excellent job in the movie simply playing themselves. The band members added to the movies appeal by their humble and witty nature. Although the band did a phenomenal job they were not the only talented actors in the movie. The movie also featured Leo McKern and Eleanor Bron. Leo McKern played the Indian Priest and Eleanor played his assistant. When Eleanor Bron was asked if she was excited to play in a movie with the famous Beatles she was puzzled. She had been living overseas and had never heard of the long-haired band. Little did she know that she would be envied by millions of young girls all over the world for getting to dance with the dreamy Paul Mccartney. Help! Also featured two famous British comedians, Victor Spinetti and Roy Kinnear. The two played mad scientists who sought Ringos ring, hoping it could achieve world domination. The two were a hilarious duo and did an excellent job.

There are many things that caused millions to fall in love with the movie Help! Its captivating sets, its skillful color and camera movements, it's hilarious characters and plot, but there's one thing that truly made Help! A great movie. Its unforgettable music. Despite the movies light-hearted tone, the music helped dig up a much deeper meaning hidden in the almost satirical plot. It is the music that brought people to see the film and the voices that made them listen. Martin Scorsese put it best And then there, of course, was the music. The soundtrack of the movie, the soundtrack of our lives. Our memory. Of time, a sense of possibility. That will never die.