Miracles from Heaven based on a real life story of the Beam family

One of the best movies that I have watched is called Miracles from Heaven. This movie will amaze you about the events that happened in this story. This movie is based on a real life story of the Beam family and what they faced, basically a test of Gods faith that is life changing. The movie is about a little girl named Anna Beam who lived on a farm with her mom (Christy Beam), dad (Kevin Beam), and sisters (Abbie & Adelynn Beam). They were all a church going family and very loving. That one night when Anna threw up and went to the hospital the doctor along with other doctors made a crazy diagnosis saying that Anna was lactose intolerant, but by the courage of her mother she didnít okay the diagnosis and demanded more test to be ran on her daughter to figure why she was always sick. Sadly, her parents found out that Anna had a rare incurable digestive disorder where she canít digest food and it stays in her stomach (fatal and painful). Christy Beam doesnít give up and set out to help her daughter get better. Christy and Anna goes to New York to see Dr. Nurko (who was the best childrens doctor) to help Anna. While they were there they met a lady named Angela who took them on wild and fun adventures! Still with running test with Dr. Nurko Anna was not getting better, until she went back home. Anna and her sister Abbie climbed a tree near their home for fun until Anna fell in the hole of the tree and hit her head to where she became unconscious. Christy was so scared and worried for Annas life that she along with her family prayed near the tree to God for forgiveness and Annas safety. Finally Anna was rescued and happily the doctor informed her parents that she had no broken bones or any problems. A couple of days later Annas stomach was surprisingly flat again and she told the story that when she was down there she spoke and saw God and that God told her that she wont have to go through this anymore. Dr. Nurko told Christy that when she hit her head all the nerve cells were regenerated and that she could digest food again! At the end of the movie they showed the family a few years later and Anna has been healthy ever since. This movie would not have been made without a wonderful cast.

The director of this movie was Patricia Riggen and the main cast was Jennifer Garner (Christy Beam), Kylie Rogers (Anna Beam), Martin Henderson (Kevin Beam), Brighton Sharbino (Abbie Beam), Courtney Fansler (Adelynn Beam), Eugenio Derbez (Dr. Nurko), Queen Latifah (Angela), and John Carroll Lynch (Pastor Scott). The year the movie was released was March 16, 2016 and the budget of the movie was estimated at $13,000,000, over the weekend it earned $14,812,393 in the U.S. and grossed $61,693,523 in the U.S. by July 15, 2016. The location of this movie was located in Atlanta, Georgia (Newton County) and the production process was a little challenging, four months before filming the team contacted a family who owned a farm (setting of the movie, Beam family home) to film it and it took six full weeks filming. The biggest project they had was constructing the tree. A construction team dug a six-foot hole in the farms front pasture, the hole was filled with cement and steel anchors forming the base, once that was completed a metal framework was reconstructed on site. The tree was over sixty feet high and successfully completed. The performance of the actors was great, they really were in tuned with their characters, which did look like they really worked hard making this movie. The director Patricia Riggen, had a different vision than the producers. Riggen wanted to bring a more universal sense to the movie. She wanted it to be a little less religious and a little more inclusive. She wanted the film to bring universal values that people of any faith or even no faith could grasp. She wanted something for everyone and she was given the green light to make those changes to the story when she was hired. All this planning and hard work made a great movie in the end.

In the end the perception by the audience and critics was that Miracles from Heaven makes the most out of an outstanding performance from Jennifer Garner, but it isn't quite enough to keep this faith-based drama from preaching to the choir. In my opinion, I think that Miracles from Heaven is a Christian movie that can show people that God is real and that he will test your faith to see if you believe in him! This movie brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh, think, and sing to the songs in the movie. For a movie to make me shed tears is a phenomenal movie to me! This movie is an inspiration saying that God is there for you no matter what Youíre going through if you believe in him!