Serendipity released in 2001 and directed by Peter Chelsom

The movie Serendipity, released in 2001 and directed by Peter Chelsom, happens to be my favorite movie due to the love and fate revealed in this movie. The main cast includes John Cusack playing the role as Jonathan, Kate Beckinsale as Sara, John Corbett portraying Lars and Bridget Moynahan as Halley. Since they mainly filmed in New York and Canada, the estimated budget was around twenty-eight million. Marc Klein, the writer of this film, establishes a perfect sense of destiny with hints of charm.

This classic begins when Jonathan and Sara run into another shopping at Bloomingdale's during Christmas season, questioning who gets the cashmere set of gloves. After hitting it off, they declare that they are both in a relationship, deciding to be friends and attend Serendipity three. They state their goodbyes and then as they walk off they realize they forgot their personal items at the restaurant, bumping back into another, they are determined to spend the rest of the night together. Sara, who believes in fate and that everything occurs for a reason says that they should write their number on an item and give it to someone and if they receive another's number in the future, then it was meant to be.

After allowing for destiny to take over, years later Jonathan and Sara endure being in serious relationships with other people. Jonathan is moments away from marring Halley and Lars proposed to Sara, who lives in California. Sara sees minor signs, believing that Lars and she were not meant to be and flies to New York to find her lost soulmate. Jonathan as well is getting cold feet with Halley and relies on his best friend, Dean, to aid his finding of Sara after he found the Bloomingdale's receipt in the glove, from years ago. After searching vigorously for an address for Sara, it turns out to be a bridal shop, he assumes this is a sign to marry Halley and stop looking for Sara.

The night before the wedding, Halley gives Jonathan the book, Love in the Time of Cholera, and as he opens the novel, he discovers Sara's number on the inside and rushes off to California. As Jonathan pulls up the driveway with Dean, he thinks he sees Sara being intimate with a man, but Jonathan doesn't realize it was Sara's sister. After this defeat, he flies back home for his wedding. As Sara sits on the plane flying to California, she reaches for her wallet to pay for a drink and as she gives the flight attendant the five dollar bill, she glances at it and spots Jonathan's number.

Sara rushes off the plane and is told by Jonathan's neighbors that he was getting married. As she arrived at the location of the wedding she discovers that he didn't marry Halley. Sara remembers she left her jacket at Central Park and she goes to retrieve it. Jonathan is already at the park wandering around and finds the jacket, using it as a pillow for when he lays down on the ice rink. As it begins to snow, a black cashmere glove floats his way and he looks up and sees Sara. They reunite with another expressing their passion for each other.

This movie appears to be an all-time favorite by many people, who even state the various times they have watched this movie. The reason this movie is favored by others, including me, is because, despite the obstacles that confronted them during their journey in finding another, they managed to end up with another. This movie incorporates an exquisite, allure, and beautiful love story. It allows people to believe in love, even when it is challenging. The director was hoping to capture the audience and make them fall in love with love itself. The actors in this movie truly established the roles they were playing and the way they conveyed their words/actions confirm of the love story depicted in the entire movie.