Tom Cruise stars as a highly successful sports agent

Synopsis: Tom Cruise stars as a highly successful sports agent that suddenly has an epiphany about his role. He subsequently creates a mission statement detailing dishonesty in the business of sports management and his desire to represent fewer athletes in order to produce higher quality results. This resulted in Jerry Maguire getting fired by his agency. He decides to start his own sports management agency, and former co-worker Dorothy Boyd , played by Renee Zellweger, inspired by his mission statement, agrees to join him as his assistant. Her young son Ray forms a bond with Jerry, and the three become a family unit. After Maguires prot駩 Bob Sugar goes behind his back and turns most athletes against him, Arizona Cardinals football prospect Rod Tidwell, Cuba Gooding Jrs character, commits to Jerry as his only client.

Review: Cameron Crowe delivered a comical, romantic, and entertaining movie that left me with a smile on my face and a little tear in my eye. The writers did a great job in making me cheer on the main character Jerry. During each obstacle he faced throughout the movie I wanted the best outcome for him. I wanted his sports management agency to become successful, and I wanted his relationship with Dorothy to blossom into love. The supporting cast in this film

In the opening scenes of the movie sports agent Jerry Maguire has a guilty conscience over the way the business has been selfishly handled by the sports management company. He questions his actions and the ethics of the sports management agency he works for. He spends the night developing a mission statement that basically outlines his belief that fewer clients would produce better quality results. The next morning he is fired by Bob Sugar played by Jay Mohr, the greedy sports agent that goes behind Jerrys back to get athletes to stay with the agency rather than join Jerrys new team. As he says goodbye to the office with an over-dramatic comical speech, single mom Dorothy Boyd is also inspired by his mission and decides to join him as an assistant.

I was captivated by the instant on-camera romance between Cruise and Zellweger. As a viewer I could see right away this single mom yearned for love and wanted a man with Jerry Maguires personality and mannerism to become a father figure for her young son Ray. Zellweger perfectly portrayed a determined woman with a blend of strength and vulnerability when it came to Cruise. Dorothy was definitely the motivation behind Maguires drive to succeed. I have to admit, I had actual tears in my eyes when she actually left him to move away after feeling less than a wife by his lack of affection towards her. Crowe having the two characters reunite in the end by the realization of what loyalty and true love mean is truly heartwarming. Phrases like you complete me and you had me at hello will forever be linked to this movie.

Cuba Gooding Jr was remarkable in his role as Rod Tidwell, a wide receiver for Arizona. He resents his unpopular ad campaigns and trusts Jerry to boost his endorsement offers to a higher level after contracting as his only athlete to represent. I will never forget Rods catch phrase, Show me the money! and its with Gooding Jr that we start to see that its the love of family, not greed, that motivates this athlete. The supporting actress Regina King is phenominal in her role as Rods supportive wife Marcee. Being his number one fan, her quick whit turned Gooding Jrs role into noteworthy. Jerry helps Rod play from the heart and not just from the pocketbook. The friendship that develops between Rod and Jerry along the way is special and the driving force behind Rod becoming such a successful athlete in the end. Just as Jerry helps Rod follow his heart on the football field, its Rod that helps Jerry follow his heart to a home with Dorothy.

Jerry Maguire is a movie about redemption and love. Each character showed us humor, and the love stories between the two main couples leave the viewers enchanted. Crowe created multi-dimensional personalities in the characters, and I was not disappointed at all in the on-screen chemistry between them all. I felt Cameron Crowe really showed Jerry Maguire as a man who wanted to find greatness and happiness in an occupation where only monetary success counts. Dorothy Boyd reminded me that true love exists and is about idealism. To me, the theme of Jerry Maguire is about transformation; its about two men who learn that family and love are more important than money. This film served as great entertainment with a talented colorful cast and several moments of laughs and tears.