Girl interrupted was released on December 8, 1999

The movie I selected to review is one of my favorites, Girl interrupted. Girl interrupted was released on December 8, 1999 and directed by James Mangold and Jonathan Kahn. The budget for the movie accumulated 24 million U.S dollars and made 48.3 million U.S dollars in box office. Filming took place on Main Street in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The hospital scenes were filmed in an actual hospital at Harrisburg State Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The movie ended up winning four awards: teen choice, screen actors guild, golden globe and academy award.

Girl interrupted originated from the book Girl interrupted; a bestselling memoir by an American author Susana Kaysen. Kaysen opens up about her experience as a young woman in a psychiatric hospital in1960s. After a failed suicide attempt Kaysen met with a doctor who diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder not to long after their session began he assigned her to a mental institution for troubled young woman. That same day she was driven to the hospital in a taxi to get checked into the hospital. Throughout her time in the hospital she encountered a number of patients all with different stories and reasons for which they were placed in the hospital. Kaysen took initiative to analyze the different type of people in the institution and what shaped them to carry them the way they do. She did write about her thoughts and experiences as well as others stories but made it certain to protect their identities. The book and movie are in fact different; author Kaysen accused director Mangeld of adding melodramatic drivel due to the fact that he added more experiences into her journey.

The general perception of the film would be to explore the daily experiences individuals encounter living in a mental institutions. Also pointing out the way there are different types of mental illness, for the most part it is often that individuals believes you can tell whether or not a person has a mental illness from such examples as they talk to their self, randomly etc but in the film it points out that out mental illnesses may be quiet and nobody can recognize sometimes not even ourselves. My personal opinion about the film is it was very mind opening. The way Kaysen deals with her mental illness is similar to the way I would deal with mines questioning if or if not it is a mental illness and trying to figure out and observe others. The way she struggles to understand what the boundaries are that separates individuals and her from two parallel universes. The world of sanity and insanity, security or vulnerability is similar to the way I think as well. It fascinated me seeing the same reaction and way of being from a different person. Another factor that interested me was seeing all the different types of stories from the patients and the way they all deal with their different disorders. This movie initially left an intense drive to stay dedicated to my career field I am studying for which is psychology. In addition the movie supports solutions and positive outlooks towards pursuing treatments, sometimes individuals have a perception of how medication can suppress feelings by not confronting and excepting emotions, but in some cases medication is needed short-term to assist with psychiatric diagnoses. The inspirational part of the movie is when one character displays change, she finds her happiness and pursues treatment with new outlooks, changes her way of thinking and feeling with finding interest in working with paint and writing. She develops skills and incorporates them into therapy, she gave herself motivation that leads to freedom from herself and more into a promising life. Through all of the explosive attacks while in the metal institution the girl pushed through them, and that is how I see myself. I push through my barriers, and my tough times. I focus on my strengths, I push for a better up bringing even if I lack family support. I have myself and the family I have developed through the community support and self-motivation. This is why I consider this movie as highly recommended to watch I can relate to this movie, I have achieved many struggles and will continue on bettering myself every day.