Producer, director, creator, and visionary Wes Anderson

The Grand Budapest Hotel is an outrageously captivating film that follows the endeavors of a witty and particular concierge and his loyal bellhop, Zero, at a truly grand hotel in the fictional land of Zubrowka. It was set in a small town in Germany called Gtz. The film is centered around Monsieur Gustave, a classical and tidy man, as he has just gotten into trouble with the law. A great asset of this film is not only its intriguing plot line but the dynamic and unique characterizations made by the man who made this film possible, Wes Anderson.

Producer, director, creator, and visionary Wes Anderson has never failed to impress me with any of his films. From The Darjeeling Limited to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Anderson has amazed his audiences with stunning cinematography, sophisticated yet stylish jumpcuts, elaborate sets, and close attention to detail. As a fervid cineaste, I have adored his work since I was a kid but with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has truly outdone himself.

The most integral players in what makes this film so unique other than Wes Anderson are cinematographer Robert Yeoman, production designer Adam Stockhausen, and the incredible composer, Alexandre Desplat who seems to never fail at composing an academy award winning film most years. In 2015, two films he scored, both The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, and Unbroken were all nominated for academy awards, each having vastly different yet incredible scores. With such an amazing filming and production crew, the skillful execution of such a beautifully crafted script was possible.

In a time where it can feel as though films are so distinctly defined as an intense drama, romance, comedy, action-adventure, ect. this film has broken barriers and proven to be a diversely entertaining film in all respects. This film doesnít contain such serious topics that Youíll be heart-wrenched for days nor does it feel so empty of content you canít recall the point of watching it in the first place. The Grand Budapest Hotel has the ability to fill your heart with warmth from the darling love story of Zero and Agatha, but also shed a few tears at the tragic yet romantic death of both Agatha and Monsieur Gustave. The film was a new and refreshing creation the integrated wide-ranging themes, contemporary film making techniques, and intriguing costume and set aesthetics.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is also a technical masterpiece in addition to being such an entertaining film for the audience. Historically, time pieces have always been a luxury for creators because of the significant cost to produce. Anderson had certainly does this time piece justice, not to mention the film was set in both the 1930s and the late 1960s. With a relatively low budget of $23 million for the film, Anderson did an incredible job in filming a portion in the 60s while managing to change the entire set to film in the 30s. Anderson is known for quirky cinematography but there is something about immaculate hotel that harmonized so effortlessly with the centered cinematography. Monsieur Gustaves had need for and obsession with excellence in every function and appearance of both his life and specifically the Grand Budapest Hotel. This idea was skillfully reinforced by the symmetrical frames consistent throughout the film.

There are plenty of films that millions of people adore because of their ability to give the audience something to relate to. Alternatively, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film so grandiose and outrageous that is maintains a rare ability to take the audience to a completely different world and display it from an entirely different perspective. There was something so whimsically captivating about his extremely unrealistic framing, elaborate sets, and peculiar characterizations. When a person loves a film, they search for other one just like it. Once you fall in love with The Grand Budapest Hotel, all you can do in search of something like it to is watch another Wes Anderson film because there is nothing else like them.