Ant-Man had an incredible cast including Corey Stoll, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, and Paul Rudd

Camera, lights, shrink! Marvel took its cinematic universe to the next level when it introduced the Ant-Man. Running on a budget of one hundred thirty million dollars, Ant-Mans director, Peyton Reed, managed to make this movie worth five hundred million dollars worldwide. Of course, Reed cannot take all the credit. Ant-Man had an incredible cast including Corey Stoll (Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket), Evangeline Lilly (Hope Dyne), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), Paul Rudd (Scott Lang/ Ant-Man), and many others. Each actor fell into their character and played their role perfectly. Ant-Man should be considered one of the best movies of 2015 considering it created a perfect balance between past comic book stories and what people look for in a story today, it encompassed contents that developed the Ant-Man story further than what the comic books had done, and its release had perfect timing for the marvel cinematic universe.

Reed made some major changes to the Ant-Man story for the movie versus what had been told in the comic books; however, these changes seemed to have fit nicely in the story arc. For one, the original Ant-Man was Hank Pym, who created the Pym Particle. This was hinted in the movie, but most viewers will see Scott Lang, initially the second Ant-Man, as the original. Countless fans respected this move considering it made sense once one thinks about it. Since Pym had experience in the suit, he was able to act as a mentor figure to Lang, which is an important role in every superhero movie. The next comparison worthy of recognition probably blew comic book fans away. Yellow Jacket is now seen as a super villain thanks to the movie; however, Yellow Jacket was actually what Pym became after Lang stole his suit and he let Lang keep it. This change seemed to be for the best, though. To Reed, the idea of two insects going head to head seemed too great to resist and for good reason; movie goers seemed to have eaten the idea right up, even the strict comic book fans. If Yellow Jacket in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever comes back, it would be even cooler to see him discover how Lang controls the ants and then uses that idea to control all types of bees.

The comic book content in the movie was, of course, not the only thing to look for. Ant-Man tried to take on the humor the Guardians of the Galaxy managed to attain in their movie. Rudd was not able to attain as much humor as Chris Pratt could, but he was able to create a unique type of humor that can only be seen in Ant-Man. One great example of Langs acting in humor was when Ant-Man got to meet the Falcon. Lang had been trying to steal a device needed to defeat the Yellow Jacket when he spontaneously landed on the new Avengers facility. The Falcon came to investigate the perimeter breach and Lang thought his small size would conceal him. However, Lang was wrong. With nothing else to do, Lang increased his size and said, Hi, Iím Ant-Man, with such innocence, he sounded like he was asking the Falcon how his day was going. If that wasnít enough, a fight scene erupts in which Lang continuously says sorry and you seem like a pretty good guy while beating the Falcon up and wrecking the pack holding Falcons wings. Another great aspect of the Ant-Man Movie was how clear it was in explaining how the Pym Particle worked and what subatomic meant. Technology is the foundation of the Ant-Man suit, so Reed had quite the challenge in making sure the audience would understand how the Ant-Man suit worked. But, he pulled through and did a very good job.

Speaking of technology, releasing the Ant-Man movie in 2015 was probably the best thing Marvel could have done due to how far technology has advanced. There was talk of making Ant-Man before the first Avengers movie was even made. Why? Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ant-Mans sidekick and wife, are mainly responsible for the Avengers even existing. Ant-Man was tabled, though, for other projects. Whether it was intentional or not, this was for good reason. Being able to see Ant-Man shrink, grow, and fight bad guys on the big screen was breathtaking, but it would not been if Marvel had not waited for things like HD and computer programing to become more advanced. Another vital concept to think about is the timing of Ant-Man being released right before Captain Americas Civil War. At the beginning of Ant-Man, we see Lang in prison for making stupid mistakes. At the end of Civil War, we see Lang in prison again, but not for a mistake. Lang is considered a criminal throughout each movie, but audiences get to see Lang transform from somebody who is mindless in his actions to somebody who fights for a righteous cause no matter what the costs.

Overall, the Ant-Man movie was a big hit. Because Ant-Man had the perfect balance between changes to the comic book and the movie, further developed the story, and had perfect timing for its release, audiences loved it; Marvel made big bucks because of that. Personally, Ant-Man was the best movie in made in 2015. The laughter in the theater was nonstop and the story line was well followed. Now an even better sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, will be expected.