Freddy V. Jason directed by Ronny Yu and released in 2003

Every movie has its pros and cons, its critics and its praises. But, the most memorable movies are the ones that are unique and essentially timeless. I believe that Freddy V. Jason, which is part of the Friday the 13th series, achieved this. This movie was directed by Ronny Yu and released in 2003 with a movie budget of 25 million. The main cast consists of Robert Englund who plays Freddy, Ken Kirzinger who plays Jason and Monica Keena who plays Lori Campbell.

The first thing that stands out a lot about this movie is the fact that it overcomes almost all opinions formed prior to it being released and breaks every stereotype associated with it. Horror/slasher movies like this one tend to get a bad reputation for being cheesy b-movies. Most people assume that there will be a lot of poorly edited bloody scenes and multiple hot and dumb blonde chicks running around being chased by the killer. Of course the movie does contain some bloody scenes, but for the most part it is able to establish itself as a movie to be taken seriously, not just some cheesy movie that is so bad that you just canít stop watching. In addition, prior to the movie being released in theaters many people were bashing it talking about how the movie will just probably follow in the steps of Godzilla V. King Kong and end with no true winner. These critics also assumed that there will lots of poorly edited fight scenes, but they were in fact wrong about everything. Without giving away any spoilers, both villains do fight a lot (with surprisingly god editing) and one does end up winning in the end. As for the effects used, they were very good. People get cut I half repeatedly and its realistic. There is believable blood spurting out from the slices and wounds. A scene during their final fights shows one of them crawling while the other is chopping at their back and each hit clearly hits something with resembling force, oppose to special effects being added in by a computer.

As for the acting, it isnít as horrible as one would expect. Everyone assumed that Kane Hodder, former and fan favorite Jason, would be playing Jason but they were wrong. Instead, new comer Ken Kirzinger took on the role. Before the movie even began advertising, everyone was already against him. Fortunately after the movie fans agreed that Ken did a good job and they were actually pleased that the casting crew decided to portray Jason in a new light. In addition to this is amazing to research and find out how truly dedicated these actors were. T really gives you a greater appreciation for the movie itself. While filming the movie, Ken needed dental work, but didnít have time to shoot and go to the dentist because of how long costume and makeup took. So, he ended up going to the dentist in full makeup and costume. Similarly, Robert sacrificed some too. One time while filming Robert got to close to the fires on set and his makeup actually melted and bonded to his face.

Freddy V. Jason is part of a series of Friday the 13th movie3s. It is the eleventh in the set of twelve, but yet somehow seems to be the most memorable. It has received rather mediocre scores on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, but somehow is continuously talked about, even 13 years later. The goal of any director, actor or writer of a movie is to make a profit and that is exactly what they did. The movie was produced on a 25 million budget, but received 113million in box office gross revenues. They almost profited four times what they put into the movie. This movie has undeniably gotten mixed reviews, like any decent movie would, but I believe that because of all its accomplishments and how surprisingly popular the movie is; that it deserves the title of a timeless movie.